Education Support

We help give children in Asian countries access to the rights they deserve.

We provide educational support for children who may otherwise have not had the opportunity to attend school. we have incorporated tools to improve nutritional outcome for children and their families.

The work we are currently doing in helping poor students include:

  1. Join hands with Xinghuo(Spark) to help students
    Through the Xinghuo Student Aid Group, it provides direct economic, psychological, and daily support and assistance to elementary schools and students in mountainous areas such as Sichuan, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, etc., and does not directly contact students and families through a third party.
  2. Offering online courses on psychology and learning in mountain village primary schools
    Through video teaching, children will open a window to the world. The content includes topics such as experiences from various countries, psychological counseling, one-on-one emotional exchanges, etc.
  3. Support the nutrition enhancement plan for children in mountainous areas
    Initiated the donation of German/Australian milk powder activities for children in mountainous areas and encouraged more people to participate in the relay. Send traditional food and gifts on traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.
  4. Accommodation and learning support for children in need
    Help children with financial difficulties or incomplete families to improve their accommodation and learning environment, and provide learning and daily supplies.