Environment Protection

The earth is our mother and our home for survival. Mankind has only one earth, which is the cradle of life and the homeland shared by mankind. We long for a healthy earth, a clean world, an environmentally friendly home, and a green community…

Let us pay attention to changes in the environment with love, spread the concept of environmental protection with enthusiasm, and shoulder the responsibility of environmental protection with action.

To protect the earth is to protect ourselves. We must protect this fragile earth, and don’t let dense forests, vast grasslands and endless oceans become our memories.

A person’s environmental protection actions are like a lamp, when everyone lights their own lamp, the whole world will be bright! Let us take actions!

We will regularly hold Clean up (beaches, parks, reservoirs, streets, etc), environmental and nature conservation knowledge lectures (climate change, biodiversity, soil, air and water pollution, clean energy, renewable resources, circular economy). Etc.), organize visits to environmental protection facilities and other activities, and look forward to your joining our volunteers!
Every bit of effort counts!

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