Huntingdale Wetlands Activities

Wetland is an extremely important ecosystem on the earth, and humans and many other biological species rely on it to a considerable extent.
Wetland is a familiar term, but most people don’t know much about its structure and function, let alone its important role and significance for the development of human society. For this reason, we organized an on-site science popularization activity on wetlands, and at the same time cleaned the surrounding environment.

– 1 –

In the past few days, we were fortunate enough to witness Melbourne’s changeable climate. Fortunately, people here have long been accustomed to the changing weather that is not as good as this plan. A few days ago, I looked at the weather forecast and thought that this event would also be affected. Fortunately, Jiren had its own weather and finally ushered in the ideal cloudy weather of about 20 degrees.

In the morning when the cargo was unloading from the car, the first greeting came from two local elderly people who were doing morning exercises:
“-Are you serving breakfast?
“-We are serving food for the mind.
It’s actually a Wetland excursion and Clean Up activity.
“-That’s great for the community! Thank you for your endeavour!”
The waiting young volunteers finally ushered in the people who arrived one after another. After everyone signed in to the Volunteer Registration Form, the activity started in a relaxed and happy walk and talk.

– 2 –

Huntingdale Wetlands is located in one of the watersheds of Scotchmans Creek in the southeast of Melbourne. The administrative area belongs to Mt Waverley in Monash City, which is a relatively low-lying low-lying area. Using terrain, it can play a good role in flood storage and slow down the impact on the water and soil along the way in the rainy season, and intercept the garbage and organic pollutants entrapped by the water flow.

Wetlands can absorb and store water. 40% of the species on the earth live or reproduce in wetlands. More than 1 billion people use wetlands as a direct source of livelihood. Beautiful coral reefs and mangroves protect the coastline. Peatlands on land store 30 % Of terrestrial carbon… Wetlands nourish the earth and nourish life!

– 3 –

Picking up trash in a clean environment is an indispensable part of our outdoor activities. We walked down Scotchmans Creek, and we met residents who were cycling, walking, and jogging on weekends. If it weren’t for a few more garbage bags and gloves in our hands, our outfit would be similar to them.
Along the way, we have gained not only the warm sunshine and fresh air, the laughter of the children, but also many applauding eyes and the “Thank you” and “Good job” that we hear from time to time.

On the opposite bank of Scotchmans Creek is a 9-hole Public Golf Course. No one plays golf on a Sunday in such a good weather. It is a pity. I suddenly felt that our charity activities can also be called the real GOLF: Green, Oxygen, Life, Fun. We are not Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden, on the contrary, the female compatriots of our volunteers have an absolute advantage.
The wild ducks in a few small ponds are in groups, freely enjoying the beautiful duck life generously gifted by nature. On the road, I saw Spoonville, which came to Australia from the UK during the epidemic, and suddenly attracted the interest of the children. Watching them evoke their childhood memories, we played marbles, playing cards and cigarette shells when we were young. Games such as iron hoops are also very interesting.

Some volunteers brought some unused supplies and used clothes to donate. We will classify and record them and provide them to the disadvantaged people in the community in need or donate them to charities such as Salvos and Vinnies.

– 4 –

The two short hours passed quickly. Thanks to all the participants on the scene for their support of environmental protection and charity activities, as well as friends who donated money on the Clean Up website, as well as those volunteers who did not come. Every minute you pay, every penny will turn into love and continue to be passed on to the world!

It’s nice to have you, see you next time!

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