Jells Park Clean Up Day & Volunteers Gathering

Clean Up Australia Day is an important event that helps raise awareness about environmental protection and the importance of keeping our public spaces clean. However, it is only one day out of the year and sustained efforts are needed to address the issue of litter and waste in the environment. Environmental protection should be a continuous effort by individuals, communities, government, and organisations. Regular cleaning and proper waste management practices, as well as reducing the amount of waste produced, are crucial in maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

It is a beautiful winter day in Melbourne despite the typical gloomy weather during that time of year. The sun shining and the refreshing air likely made for a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Winter in Melbourne can be harsh with the constant rain and grey skies, but a rare sunny day can provide a much-needed change of pace and lift the mood of those experiencing it.

It’s great to see more than 50 people participated in the Clean Up event today and made it a success. Dividing the work into 5 different routes based on difficulty and safety levels is a smart approach, especially with young children participating. Having such a wide 80 years age gap, shows the diversity of people who are passionate about making a difference and protecting the environment. Volunteering and contributing to the community has been shown to have many positive benefits, including physical and mental health benefits, and can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

It’s amazing to see young children with such passion and energy for environmental protection. They are our future, and it’s great to see them get involved and make a difference at a young age. It’s inspiring to see their serious work attitude and it’s important for parents and adults to support and encourage their efforts. Cherishing the homeland and protecting the earth should be a priority for all of us, and it’s great to see the next generation taking it to heart. Cheers for our young volunteers!

Big surprise came after hard work. The variety of dishes, including roasted duck, barbecued pork, chicken wings, spring rolls, and pastries, provide a nice reward for all of the jobs done that day. The availability of vegetables, such as cold seaweed shreds and cucumbers, is also noteworthy, as they can be difficult to find in Australia. Enjoying good food and company after a day of volunteer work is a great way to bring people together and build community.

The volunteers’ hard work and achievement of fruitful results has not only helped to keep the park clean, but also added to its beauty and natural scenery. It’s wonderful to see people come together to make a positive impact on their community and environment.

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