AAV reached out to an injured Korean backpacker

Our Asian Australian Volunteers are all about making a positive impact, and here’s a touching story that shows just that! ????????????

Recently, our volunteers reached out to a young Korean who held a working holiday visa and had a terrible accident soon after arrival. He couldn’t manage on his own after surgery. Luckily, his brother came all the way from South Korea to look after him. ????????

Our amazing volunteer Xuehua, along with the Korean community group, stepped up. We brought them comforting Korean food, clothes, and things they needed for daily life. ????

The journey to recovery will take a few more months, but AAV is here for the long haul. We’re ready to help with groceries, transportation, and living expenses, so the brothers could overcome their challenges hopefully. ????

Let’s keep spreading kindness and making a difference, together! ????✨

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