COVID Epidemic Health Lecture Series II: Approaching the Fog of COVID

The COVID epidemic raging around the world still has no trend of abating, and all parts of Australia have also entered a situation where the delta virus is blooming everywhere. How much do you know about COVID-19? How does it spread? Apart from the work of governments and medical institutions, what can individuals do to protect themselves? What are the protective mechanisms and effectiveness of various vaccines?

As ordinary people, it is difficult for ordinary people to truly inquire into and explore many issues related to the virus in theory and essence. On the evening of Friday, July 16th, we were fortunate to invite Dr Wu to write “COVID-19 and You Approaching the Fog of COVID” for us. In this lecture, some common sense about the COVID virus and vaccine will be explained in plain language in this lecture to help everyone understand this disaster and build confidence in defeating the epidemic!

This lecture will be held on the ZOOM Meeting platform. Please refer to the figure below for details.

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