COVID Epidemic Health Lecture Series III: Understanding Australian Health Insurance

This is the third lecture of our COVID Response Project epidemic health lecture series. I would like to thank the Victorian government for its support and help to the multicultural community during the epidemic. This series of lectures covers mental health, epidemics and vaccines, health insurance, nutrition and physical health, and health and safety in epidemics.

The COVID epidemic is still continuing, and health and safety are still threatened. The protracted battle between mankind and COVID-19 is far from over. How should we care and care for our health? How to make good use of external conditions to protect yourself and your family to better reduce risks and improve your own protection mechanism?

We are fortunate to invite Serena Shi, a senior professional who has been working in Australia for more than ten years in the medical insurance industry, to lead us to understand Australia’s current public and private medical system, analyze the similarities and differences of various health insurances, and help everyone choose the appropriate personal or family insurance according to their own circumstances. , In this turbulent age to reduce worries and settle down.
Time: Saturday, July 24, 2021, AEST 7-8 pm

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