COVID Epidemic Health Lecture Series IV: Immunity and Nutrition

The COVID virus is still rampant around the world, causing many people to pay attention to how to improve their immunity while focusing on external protection. But are immunity and resistance the same thing? The higher the immunity, the better? Illness is low immunity? Can eating nutrient supplements strengthen your body? To prevent the new coronavirus, can we fight the epidemic by enhancing our own immunity?
We can always hear many different answers to each question here. In the fourth lecture of our epidemic health lecture series on August 13th, we also invited Ms. Aileen Yu, a senior nutrition consultant who has been in the field of nutrition and health for many years, to analyze immunization for us. The relationship with nutrition, I hope it can provide some reference for everyone’s nutrition and diet during the epidemic.

Date & Time: 2021年8月13日,周五,7-8 pm
Zoom meeting ID: 827 0929 6476
Passcode: 876926

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