COVID Epidemic Health Lecture Series I: Mental Health During the Epidemic-Nourishing the Soul

The sudden disaster of COVID-19 has been with us for more than a year of miserable time. We have seen some people contract serious illnesses or even pass away, some people have their business damaged or even went bankrupt, and some people have suffered job losses or even lost their jobs… all The common culprit of these all kinds of troubles is the new crown epidemic.

The epidemic has brought people not only short-term material and wealth losses, but also may last for a long time and have negative impacts on society, politics, economy, and individuals. These external factors have directly or indirectly caused many friends to have more or less psychological problems.

In this COVID Response Project of AAV, we are also fortunate to have the support of professionals in the health and hygiene field to conduct a series of epidemic health lectures. The planned series of lectures mainly include:

  1. mental health during covid-19
  2. nutrition and physical wellbeing
  3. virus transmission and vaccination
  4. medical insurance for community
  5. health and safety during pandemic

The first lecture of the series of lectures will be held on the zoom platform at 7pm on the evening of June 27th next Sunday. Please refer to the figure below for specific information. Everyone is welcome to participate and forward, so that more people can benefit!

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