Donation for charity organisation Cornerstone

On Friday, 3rd June 2022, it was a freezing day but with a lot of warm hearts. It was also a traditional festival in China called Dragon Boat Festival. AAV organised a donation to the local charity organisation Cornerstone. We have donated warm clothes and winter accessories for the people in need(usually homeless and refugee groups) to help them go through this cold season.

Cornerstone is an organisation providing help to the people who do not have a safe place to call home, and many live without supportive family and friends around them. Many are experiencing homelessness or living in unsafe and unstable housing; some have experienced relationship breakdown, mental health issues, addictions, unemployment, and others have come from overseas where they faced trials such as war and famine in their homeland, or any number of other complexities.

For this donation, the CEO of Cornerstone Naomi Paterson gave us warm welcome and showed great appreciation to our AAV. We AAV is happy to contribute some help to Australian society to help more people.

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