With a population of 1.4 billion people, China is the world’s most populous country. As more and more parents move into China’s urban centres in search of economic opportunity, an increasing proportion of children are “left behind” in the countryside, in overcrowded boarding schools or with relatives unable to care for them. Despite countrywide statistics, many children in China face critical threats to childhood – especially those “left behind” in remote, rural areas, including ethnic minorities, as well as those forced to fend for themselves in poor, urban ones. 

Since last year, thanks to the cooperation with Spark Education Assistance Group, we were able to build direct connection and relationship with Chinese vulnerable children in rural areas of Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Hunan and Gansu. We focus on improving basic education in rural China, where often profoundly distressed children are “left behind” while their parents pursue work in cities. 

Our volunteers sponsored children (usually 1 to 1) and helped them in nutrition, learning, family relationship and mental health. We offered series of online courses including psychology, English and encyclopedic knowledge to the children and tried open their windows to the world. Australia made Devondale Instant Milk Powder have been regularly delivered to Sichuan Pengan Changyuan Primary School’s approx. 60 students to improve their nutritional status. Most of the kids are left behind by their parents, and more than half of them either have single parents or have disabled/ill parent(s). 

If you wanna join us to help children in hardship, there are many ways you can create change that lasts a lifetime for the young generation.

  • Donate. Support our mission and donate to help children in China(Asia) grow up healthy, educated and safe.
  • Sponsor a Child. Be the hero in the life of a child in need. Sponsor a child and be a shining light on their way to the future.
  • Support spiritually. Be part of our online session or course program. Simply talk to the children and be their friends at another corner of the world.